There has been a recent increase in spoofed text messages and phone calls being sent to our members. Spoofing is a type of fraud where scammers pretend to be someone else by altering the information displayed on your phone, such as the phone number or the sender name. The spoofed text messages are asking our members to verify transactions occurring on their account. These messages are then followed by a phone call from someone claiming to be from the fraud department at evolve FCU. The caller is asking for information such as pin numbers, User ID’s and passwords.
To protect yourself from this type of fraud, please remember the following tips:
1.    Never provide your personal information in response to a text message, email or phone call.
2.    evolve Federal Credit Union will never call or text our members asking for your personal information or account details.
3.    If you receive a suspicious message, do not click on any links or call any phone numbers provided.
4.    Be suspicious of any message that urges you to act immediately, creates a sense of urgency, or offers a prize reward.
5.    If you are unsure about a situation, hang up and call our local number at 915.593.5866.

Join us at our 2023 Virtual Annual Meeting! 
When: April 12, 2023
Where: Webex- please check your messages behind home banking or check your email on the morning of the meeting for the link. 
Time: 1 PM MST
The Patronage Dividend is Back!
For the seventh year, evolve Federal Credit Union has given back millions to our members following a successful 2022. As a cooperative, evolve FCU understands we are only as successful as our members make us. When we have a prosperous year, we believe in giving back to those members who have helped us succeed. This year, we paid $1,750,000.00 back to our members. evolve FCU is still the only credit union in El Paso to give back a Patronage Dividend. Since 2016, we have paid a total of $13.5 million back to members who have chosen to make evolve FCU their financial institution of choice! Visit our Patronage Dividend page to calculate how much your return could be when you choose to make evolve your home for all of your financial needs.
As of January 2023, Our New Micro Branch Locations Are Now Open!

These new locations provide a convenient place for our members to bank, with ATM access, and a Drive-Thru.


13012 Eastlake Blvd. El Paso, Texas 79928

12945 Edgemere El Paso, Texas 79938

7721 Paseo del Norte El Paso, Texas 79912

Hours of operation: Lobby and Drive-Thru 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM Monday to Friday

Fraud Alert
Our members have reported receiving phone calls from a third-party claiming to be our fraud department. These individuals are asking for sensitive information, including passwords. Please do not provide any account information, passwords, or social security numbers. If you feel you have been the victim of fraud, please contact our eBanking Center at 915.593.5866.